Ketamine Clinic

Ketamine clinics are becoming more common as Ketamine is on the rise as a new treatment for mental and physical conditions. If you experience treatment-resistant symptoms or have conditions in which you experience little improvement, Ketamine may be right for you. Read on to learn all about what happens at a Ketamine clinic and how this new method for healing works.

Benefits of Ketamine

  • Near Instant Results and Improvement
  • Improve overall mental wellness
  • Treatment occurs in controlled, comfortable setting
  • Treatments are professionally monitored
  • Increase mental adaptability
  • Different from traditional therapies and medication

How Ketamine Works

One reason men and women seek out Ketamine clinics is that Ketamine works differently from traditional methods. Research shows Ketamine triggers glutamate production in the mind, allowing new pathways and connections to form. As the mind becomes more adaptable, trauma can be released, relief is found, and the mind rewires itself.

Many traditional medications for mental health, such as SSRIs, can take many weeks or months to have any positive effect. For those with physical conditions such as chronic pain, an opioid prescription is commonly prescribed, leading to opioid dependence or addiction—the body’s reaction to Ketamine jumpstarts treatment, not merely the presence of Ketamine in the body.

What to Expect During Treatment

Ketamine treatments are administered intramuscularly or infused intravenously. Each treatment session occurs over 40 – 60 minutes and is administered by a skilled professional. Sessions take place in comfortable and closely monitored settings. Ketamine does not affect the respiratory system, though patients may experience an altered state of mind. Typically a set of 6 – 10 sessions is recommended for a complete treatment course. Ketamine therapy treatments can be personalized to meet each patient’s individual needs and circumstances. As such, the cost will vary. Contact a provider directly to learn more about Ketamine and what to expect from treatments. During a complimentary consultation, you will be able to discuss the risks, benefits, and long-term results of Ketamine treatments.

Why Choose Ketamine Therapy LA as your Ketamine Clinic

At Ketamine Therapy LA, treatments take place in our beautiful CRMC Wellness clinic located in the heart of West Hollywood. We have a certified life coach and psychologist on hand to help guide you in Ketamine treatments for a safe and fulfilling experience. Dr. Sirak is our Ketamine provider and has had extensive experience working with Ketamine. As a board-certified anesthesiologist and master injector, Dr. Sirak delivers quality care and results. Ketamine is most familiar to and utilized by anesthesiologists. Protect your investment and ensure a safe and profound healing experience by choosing Ketamine Therapy LA as your Ketamine clinic.

Ketamine Clinic Near Me

Choose Ketamine Therapy LA as your Ketamine clinic and reach out to us today. We are the leading provider of Ketamine treatments in West Hollywood and Los Angeles. Men and women searching for an exciting new option for treatment to help improve mental health and physical well-being should contact Ketamine Therapy LA by calling CA (323) 650-9883.

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