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Woman smiling and looking relieved as a result of Ketamine Therapy for Anxiety treatment.
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Ketamine For Anxiety | A New Option For Healing

Ketamine treatment for anxiety is an appealing new option for men and women who experience the straining and often harmful effects of anxiety disorders. Unfortunately, many find that symptoms of their anxiety disorders are resistant to both treatment and behavioral therapies. Thankfully, Ketamine is proving to be a viable option for those individuals. Since its discovery, Ketamine has been studied extensively. As a result, we see more and more treatment options for mental health (anxiety, depression, and more) using this synthetic drug.

Millions of men and women struggle with the effects of anxiety disorders every day. If you are struggling with anxiety and have not been able to find helpful treatment, Ketamine may be right for you. The Ketamine Therapy LA clinic is the top provider of this revolutionary treatment. Ketamine Therapy LA is dedicated to providing relief to the debilitating effects of anxiety. Contact Ketamine Therapy LA in Los Angeles for your FREE consultation. Call 323-650-9883 to schedule yours and discover if this treatment is right for your needs.

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

  • Relief of anxiety, fatigue, and stress
  • Near instant results
  • Psychological causes in the mind are targeted
  • Brain is able to rewire and reconnect
  • Improved mental wellness

What Is Ketamine?

Although research for Ketamine treating anxiety is relatively new, Ketamine has been around for many decades. It was first approved in 1970. As an anesthetic, Ketamine is very popular as it does not affect a person’s breathing. This synthetic drug continues to be used in veterinary medicine and even certain emergencies. Now Ketamine is on the front lines of mental health treatments. Since its discovery, extensive time and effort has been put into studying Ketamine and how it works.

How Does Ketamine Work?

Where traditional medications dull symptoms and have short-term effects, Ketamine targets the source of anxiety by working first to heal the mind. Yale research labs have shown that Ketamine triggers the production of glutamate in the brain. Glutamate is a complex process that helps the brain create new neural connections, and the production of glutamate helps the mind become more adaptable allowing it to heal itself. 

Ketamine Therapy In Clinical Studies

Chief psychiatrist Dr. John Krystal of Yale Medicine explains that “with most medications, like Valium, the anti-anxiety effect you get only lasts when it is in your system. When the Valium goes away, you can get rebound anxiety”. Further adding to the research that Ketamine helps increase glutamate production, Dr. Krystal explains that “when you take Ketamine, it triggers reactions in your cortex that enable brain connections to regrow. It’s the reaction to Ketamine, not the presence of Ketamine in the body that constitutes its effects”. Thus, Ketamine is genuinely unlike any other medication for those with anxiety disorders. Find out more about anxiety disorders, signs, symptoms, therapies and other info.

Treating Anxiety With Ketamine

Ketamine treatment for anxiety works differently than all other traditional treatment options. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. Over 40 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder, and most people develop symptoms before age 21. Anxiety has a wide range of symptoms, including sweating, nausea, fast heart rate, and restlessness. For many with anxiety disorders, their quality of life is affected, and it can be challenging to find prolonged relief. 

Classic SSRIs (such as Zoloft or Prozac) merely mask symptoms. As Ketamine triggers glutamate production, giving the mind a chance to rewire and reconnect, many men and women have found relief never before experienced.

Ketamine Treatment Applications

Ketamine can improve many conditions, some of which include;

  • Anxiety (Social Anxiety Disorder and General Anxiety Disorders)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Chronic Pain
  • Addiction

What To Expect During Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine treatments for anxiety are given via an infusion during a closely monitored 40-60 minute session. Patients receiving this treatment retain consciousness and will be able to speak, though they may experience an altered state of mind. A series of 10 infusions are recommended for a complete course for those receiving Ketamine for anxiety. The healing effects are almost instantaneous, and results from treatment have the potential to be long-lasting.

Why Choose Ketamine Therapy LA

Ketamine treatment for anxiety is administered by board-certified and master injector, Dr. Sirak. Dr. Sirak has been performing successful Ketamine treatments since 2008. He believes that profound healing can be experienced with therapeutic intentions. A certified life coach and psychologist are also available during your treatment time. You can see our Ketamine Therapy profile which contains some great image projects.

Ketamine For Anxiety in Los Angeles and West Hollywood

With Ketamine Therapy LA, you can move past the debilitating effects of anxiety. Men and women in Los Angeles and West Hollywood searching for a new option for relief from anxiety choose Ketamine Therapy LA for their Ketamine for anxiety treatments. The Ketamine Therapy LA clinic is the premier provider of Ketamine treatments in Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Call 323-650-9883 today or reach out to us online to learn more about this form of therapy for anxiety.

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