Man looking happy after ketamine infusion in west hollywood.
Woman smiling after ketamine infusion treatment in west hollywood.

Ketamine Infusion Treatment in West Hollywood

Searching for ‘Ketamine infusion near me’ will likely yield thousands of results as Ketamine therapy treatments are skyrocketing across the nation. Thanks to medical advancements and studies, Ketamine has been found to be effective in treating mental and physical health. Some of these conditions include depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and PTSD. For those interested about Ketamine treatment, there is a great deal of information they can learn. 

There are also some tips for finding the best Ketamine infusion provider near you in West Hollywood.

Why Ketamine Infusion

As you search for ‘Ketamine infusion near me’ it is good to keep in mind why you would like to choose Ketamine at all. Ketamine is a synthetic drug that was first used as an anesthetic in battlefields starting in the 1960’s. Now it is a revolutionary treatment that can provide therapeutic relief for both mental and physical ailments. For depression particularly, Ketamine is being called the “biggest breakthrough in the field of depression in over 60 years”.

Ketamine is typically administered intravenously/by infusion in low doses and works instantaneously in many cases. Recent research shows that low doses of Ketamine given by infusion help improve many mental illnesses. With an excellent safety profile and promising long-term results, men and women are looking to Ketamine for healing and relief.

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What Ketamine Can Do

As with any procedure, treatment, or medication- even for ‘ketamine infusion near me’- knowing what you want out of this is vital to making an informed and intellectual decision. Ketamine infusions do not affect the respiratory system, and though patients will enter an alternate mental state, they remain conscious and able to speak. One of the greatest benefits recently found about Ketamine is its ability to improve brain health by promoting the production of glutamate. 

This process of glutamate production enables neurons in the brain to communicate more clearly with each other, thus allowing the brain to heal itself. Unlike traditional medications that have brain chemicals (like dopamine and serotonin), Ketamine does not have to be present in the body in order for the effects of it to be working. It is the reaction to Ketamine, and not the Ketamine itself that improves mental and physical conditions.

Studies show that 6-10 treatments is ideal for sustained relief. Ketamine infusions are not for everyone, and a good provider will be able to help you determine if it will benefit you.

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Ketamine Infusion Near Me | The Best Provider In West Hollywood

The best provider in your search for ‘Ketamine infusion near me’ will be someone familiar with and experienced in handling Ketamine. Additionally, the person providing the Ketamine infusion will have a direct effect on your experience before, during, and after treatment. 

The Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Clinic or CRMC is a top-rated provider of Ketamine infusion in West Hollywood. Committed to providing the highest standard of care, Ketamine infusions are performed by Dr. Sirak Darbinian, MD. Dr Sirak has years of experience with Ketamine and is a board-certified anesthesiologist. Learn more about this revolutionary treatment by connecting with the Ketamine Therapy Clinic today for a free consultation!

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