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Ketamine Near Me in Los Angeles

Ketamine Therapy is a breakthrough treatment for mental health issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and more. But not all providers of Ketamine are the same. Just like finding the right counselor, it is important to find a Ketamine provider in Los Angeles that understand you and your needs. Learn more about finding Ketamine near me in LA.

Ketamine Therapy Providers in Los Angeles

Published studies prove Ketamine helps mental health issues in a variety of ways. Due to its breakthrough application in the mental health field, Ketamine infusions in Los Angeles have risen in popularity. The infusions have a powerful effect on the mind. It also facilitates a meaningful transformation in how you think and feel.

Ketamine Therapy LA provides Ketamine treatments in the luxury medical spa, the Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center. As a dedicated mental health clinic, the Ketamine treatments are performed by medical professionals specializing in mental health. 

Searching Ketamine Near Me in Los Angeles

There are many Ketamine clinics in the Los Angeles area. However, not every clinic offers the same type of Ketamine treatment best suited for your specific needs.

Ketamine Provider Experience

First and foremost, selecting a Ketamine treatment from a provider committed to your safety is important. Since Ketamine has been used as a sedative since the 1970s, most anesthesiologists are familiar with Ketamine. However, off-label, Ketamine can be used by other medical professionals like doctors and nurse practitioners.

Dr. Sirak of Ketamine Therapy LA is a board-certified anesthesiologist. He is one reason so many people in the Los Angeles and West Hollywood areas select CRMC’s Ketamine Therapy LA for their ketamine infusions. Dr. Sirak believes “Ketamine treatment with therapeutic intention can have a profound healing experience” for his patients.


Ketamine is a psychedelic. Many people consider Ketamine like other psychedelics, Ecstasy (MMDS), and LSD when discussing the use of this type of drug. Many professionals believe that the dissociative experience you have while using psychedelics helps overcome mental illnesses.

Find out how Ketamine retrains the brain >>

Ketamine treatments at Ketamine Therapy LA are offered as a self-guided experience, usually involving a private treatment room with a peaceful atmosphere. You may also elect to have a guided journey by a behavioral professional.

Ketamine Therapy LA provides Ketamine treatments in a luxury medical spa. Dr. Sirak administers the drug. Patients may undergo treatments privately with Dr. Sirak or have guided therapy with a psychologist and certified life coach. The guided experiences ensure you take advantage of your dissociative state to properly retrain your brain and develop the skills you need for ongoing peace and happiness.

Ketamine Near Me

Your choice for Ketamine Near Me is simple. Select Ketamine Therapy LA as your premier Ketamine provider. Find out more about this innovative therapy and if it is right for you by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sirak. Reach out to Ketamine Therapy LA online or call (323) 650-9883.

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