Natural Depression Treatments & Other Alternatives

If you suffer from depression, there are many natural depression treatments and alternatives to traditional medication. However, millions of men and women are suffering from some degree of depression. A small percentage of these people receive mental health care from professionals, but many find that traditional medication has no lasting effect, if any at all. This can result in treatment-resistant depression (for those that do not respond to antidepressants). Additionally, although medications are an established treatment for depression, some people would rather not take any medications for various reasons.

You can do many things on your own, along with therapy treatments, to fight depression. Read on to learn about some natural depression treatments and alternatives to medications.

Establish a Routine

Depression can destroy the structure in your life. The days can blur together, making it easy to feel you’ve lost control and are lost. However, setting a gentle schedule and simple daily routines can help you take hold of your life.

Set Some Goals

When you are depressed, you may feel unable to accomplish anything, resulting in feelings of guilt. Start small and set goals that you can quickly achieve, like tidying the living room every other day. As you accomplish your goals, you can add more challenging or long-term goals.


Exercise temporarily boosts endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals great for depression. Regular exercise may also bring long-term benefits for those with depression, as it seems the brain is given a chance to rewire itself in positive ways. In addition, simple exercises, such as walking, provide beneficial help.

Improve Sleeping Habits

Some symptoms of depression include anxiety, fatigue, and feelings of sadness, all of which can affect your sleeping habits and cause you to get too little sleep. This can make depression worse. Keep to a sleeping schedule where you wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. Try not to nap and take distractions (like TV and computers) out of your bedroom.

Avoid Alcohol & Other Drugs

Substance abuse is very common among those that suffer from depression. You may be more likely to turn to alcohol or other drugs to deal with symptoms of depression. However, long-term use and abuse of these can lead to increased mental health problems. Your brain may also be affected negatively.

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Ketamine for depression is an excellent solution for individuals who do not respond to antidepressants or do not wish to treat their depression with medication. Ketamine being hailed as the biggest breakthrough in depression in over 60 years. This alternative to traditional medication works by increasing glutamate, which allows the brain to rewire itself and become more adaptable.

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Depression Treatment Near Me

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