Spravato | (esketamine) Nasal Spray for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Spravato (esketamine) nasal spray is the first FDA-approved nasal spray to be used in conjunction with oral antidepressants. Millions of men and women suffer with a form of depression, and many will experience treatment-resistant depression. Spravato was created to provide a more effective way to help those with this serious condition. Read on to learn more about esketamine and how Spravato works. 

Benefits of Spravato

  • Improve treatment-resistant depression
  • Treat major depressive disorder
  • FDA – approved
  • Faster symptom reduction 

What is Spravato? What is esketamine?

Spravato is a prescription medication used alongside antidepressants. It is a nasal spray containing esketamine that improves treatment-resistant depression and major depressive disorder. Spravato was approved by the FDA in 2019 to be used with oral antidepressants. Studies show that Spravato combined with antidepressants is 37% more effective than the pill alone.

Esketamine is made from the synthetic drug, Ketamine. Esketamine is more potent and works to heighten the levels of glutamate. Glutamate is a chemical messenger in the brain that, when in abundance, allows for better communication between brain cells. This effect very positively affects a person’s mood.

Adam Kaplin, M.D., Ph.D., a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Medicine, said this about esketamine: “For the first time in 60 years, we have a new antidepressant therapy that isn’t just a spinoff of existing drugs…“For some people, esketamine therapy is revolutionary, giving them the chance to experience life without depression for the first time in decades”.

How Does Spravato Work?

Traditional antidepressants are slow to provide relief if any at all. It can take several weeks for any noticeable change. These common medications, typically prescribed for those with depression, work to increase naturally occurring chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. These naturally occurring chemicals are messengers that communicate with each other between brain cells. Spravato’s esketamine medication adds upon those efforts by increasing neurotransmitters so that the communication between brain cells is easier, better, and more efficient. Spravato used with antidepressants can provide faster relief than antidepressants taken alone.

The nasal spray is self-administered. A very low dose of esketamine is delivered in bursts through the nose. Spravato is administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional who will also monitor your symptoms for at least 2 hours after treatment.

Due to the nature of esketamine, Spravato nasal spray is only available through a restricted program and should be thoroughly researched and discussed with a doctor. Spravato has side effects and may not be right for everyone, as with all prescription medications. Protect your health and wellbeing by learning more about esketamine and Spravato.

Learn about Spravato side effects and safety information>>>

Spravato (esketamine) Nasal Spray Near Me

If you suffer from treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder, Spravato may be right for you. Ketamine Therapy LA is a premier provider of Ketamine and esketamine treatments in West Hollywood. We can help you learn more about this revolutionary medicine for depression and if it’s right for you. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn about Spravato by calling (323) 650-9883.

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