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What Does a Ketamine Infusion for Depression Do?

Ketamine infusion for depression is a new alternative for combatting this common, harmful mental disorder. Over 18 million adults suffer from depression in any given year. Those with depression experience more than common feelings of sadness. Persistent dark feelings and emotional turmoil that comes with depression affect a person’s day-to-day living. Contrary to popular belief, treating depression is not straightforward. There is no medication or therapy that suits all unique needs or situations.

Being hailed as the biggest breakthrough for depression in over 60 years, it is no wonder Ketamine for depression is becoming more popular. Ketamine infusions may be right for those suffering from depression that have yet to find effective treatment. Read on to learn more about ketamine infusions for depression and discover if this new alternative is right for you.

Benefits of Ketamine Infusions

  •  Relieves symptoms of depression
  •  Near instant results
  •  Targets psychological causes of depression
  •  Rewires the brain
  •  Reduce fatigue, feelings of sadness, and anxiety
  •  Improve overall mental wellness

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How Can a Ketamine Infusion Treat Depression?

Traditional antidepressant medication and psychotherapy are the most common treatments for depression. Many medications simply dull symptoms temporarily. Common SSRIs (like Zoloft or Prozac) can take weeks or months to have any effect. Psychotherapy can be frustrating and challenging for patients to navigate. Ketamine targets the source of depression by working to heal the mind.

Across the nation, numerous clinical studies have been done to prove the safety and efficacy of Ketamine infusion for depression. Research is showing Ketamine to stimulate the production of glutamate in the brain and positively impact neuroplasticity. Glutamate helps the brain rewire and build new connections. Scientists are finding that increased glutamate allows patients to release trauma and achieve long-term healing.

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How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine infusions for depression are administered by an expert injector in low doses. Treatments take 40 – 60 minutes per session. During your ketamine infusion, you will be closely monitored. Most patients experience an altered state of mind, though they retain consciousness and are typically relaxed. Ketamine treatments for depression have minimal side effects and do not affect the respiratory system. As with all treatments, individual experience will vary.* The best way to learn more about what ketamine infusion for depression is like, is to speak with a specialist at Ketamine Therapy LA.

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The Cost of Ketamine Infusion

As Ketamine is still a new form of treatment, the cost of Ketamine infusions for depression are not covered by insurance. However, Ketamine Therapy LA works with patients to create custom treatment plans that suit each person’s budget. If you are considering Ketamine infusion for depression but are worried about cost, speak with experts at Ketamine Therapy LA.

Ketamine Infusion for Depression Near Me

Ketamine Therapy LA is the leading provider of Ketamine Infusion for Depression. Located conveniently in West Hollywood, Ketamine Therapy LA serves all patients in Hollywood and the Los Angeles areas. If you struggle to find relief for depression with traditional medications and therapies, Ketamine may be right for you. Book a consultation with us to learn more about his new treatment. Call (323) 650-9883 today to start your journey towards greater healing from the inside out.

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