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The Interesting Ways Ketamine Rewires the Brain

There are many ways that Ketamine affects the brain. For many years now, Ketamine therapy has shown great potential in treating both neurological and psychiatric disorders. Studies on Ketamine and mental illness show that even one treatment can provide incredible, instantaneous, and lasting relief. As ongoing research uncovers even more benefits for the mind, the popularity of Ketamine continues to rise. Read on to learn about the interesting ways Ketamine rewires the brain.

How Ketamine Rewires the Brain

Ketamine clinics are popping up nationwide with the rise in popularity. However, Ketamine therapy is still relatively new. One of the many reasons people are turning to Ketamine is its unique effect on the mind. Here are a few of the most exciting ways Ketamine affects the brain.


How Ketamine increases glutamate in the brain is perhaps the most breakthrough research being done on this treatment. Glutamate is the most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain and plays a critical role in many essential brain functions, such as learning, memory, neuroplasticity, mood regulation, and motor control.
Studies show Ketamine releases glutamate in the prefrontal cortex and other brain regions. This increase in glutamate can help patients make lasting changes and respond well to new experiences.

In an article published by Harvard Medical School, Dr. Robert C. Meisner explained more about Ketamine and glutamate. He wrote: “One likely target for Ketamine is NMDA receptors in the brain. By binding to these receptors, Ketamine appears to increase the amount of a neurotransmitter called glutamate in the spaces between neurons…this process likely affects mood, thought patterns, and cognition.” 1


Studies also show Ketamine to increase BDNF, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, positively. BDNF is an essential protein that affects the development, growth, and maintenance of neurons in the brain. Like glutamate, BDNF also plays a vital role in cognitive function, memory, and mood regulation. Additionally, studies show that higher levels of BDNF can decrease the risk of developing mood disorders.

mTOR Pathway

Ketamine has been shown to activate the mTOR pathway, which is a cellular signaling pathway involved in regulating protein synthesis and cell growth. One study suggests that the effect Ketamine has on the mTOR pathway contributes to its quick antidepressant results. In this same study, researchers state that “The rapid antidepressant response after Ketamine administration in treatment-resistant depressed patients suggests a possible new approach for treating mood disorders compared to the weeks or months required for standard medications.” 2

Other Neurotransmitters

Ketamine has been found to affect other neurotransmitter systems in the brain, including dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine. For example, Ketamine has been found to increase dopamine release in certain brain regions, which may contribute to its mood-elevating effects.

The Many Treatment Applications offered at Ketamine LA Therapy

Rewiring the brain can solve a myriad of mental health disorders and physical conditions. Ketamine Therapy LA is the trusted Ketamine provider in West Hollywood and Los Angeles. These are some of the conditions we expertly treat with Ketamine.

Ketamine for Anxiety

Anxiety plagues more than 40 million people in the United States. With Valium (commonly prescribed for anxiety), the anti-anxiety effects will only last while the medication is in your system. Once gone, it is very possible to get ‘rebound anxiety’.

Ketamine for Depression

For those specifically struggling with treatment-resistant depression, Ketamine may be right for you. Where SSRIs (like Zoloft or Prozac) can take some time to work, Ketamine has an almost instant effect. Many patients report relieved feelings of fatigue and sadness for up to a week after just one treatment.

Ketamine for PTSD

PTSD symptoms often include depression and memory impairment. As Ketamine increases glutamate and improves other functions of neurotransmitters, it is an ideal treatment for PTSD. Dr. Prakash Masand (chairman of COPE) states that “30-40 percent of PTSD is treatment-resistant to commonly used treatments and needs innovative treatments. An innovative treatment for PTSD cases that don’t respond well to traditional treatments is Ketamine IV infusions. The benefits of Ketamine are substantial…” 3

Ketamine for OCD

Ketamine for OCD is being studied widely, as there are few solutions available now. Those that have opted for Ketamine treatments for OCD have reported a loss of compulsion during their first infusion- a huge feat, especially for anyone desperate for relief.

Ketamine for Addiction

In a study done recently by the New York State Psychiatric Institute, researchers state that Ketamine “significantly increased the likelihood of abstinence, delayed the time to relapse, and reduced the likelihood of heavy drinking days”.

Ketamine for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain and depression often occur hand-in-hand. Studies are showing Ketamine to be just as, sometimes more, beneficial than opioid medication typically prescribed for chronic pain. Ketamine treatments offer significant pain relief in addition to a significant improvement in symptoms of depression.

Ultimately, Ketamine’s effect on the brain is extremely nuanced and complex. More research and study are required for providers and patients to understand it better. However, with our current information, Ketamine treatment is already a revolutionary step toward mental wellness. With such promising benefits for the brain, it is no wonder Ketamine therapy is becoming so popular.

Although Ketamine is not the cure for all mental health conditions, it is a promising path to helping you regain your life. Traditional medications have many drawbacks and spotty, sometimes dangerous effects. The Ketamine difference is stark and full of unique benefits for the mind.

Rewire Your Brain with Ketamine in LA

Discover the ways Ketamine can rewire your brain today. Contact Ketamine Therapy LA today. As the leading provider of Ketamine Therapy in West Hollywood, CA, we provide safe and effective treatments. We are dedicated to helping you gain a new lease on life with the long-lasting benefits possible with Ketamine. Book a consultation with us today to discover if Ketamine therapy suits you. Call 323-650-9883 to get started.

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